Ferdinand en Karel Denduyver


Pigeonfancier since :
We have been racing pigeons for 3 generations, my grandfather Cyriel Denduyver started with pigeons after the 2nd World War, widely known in West Flanders. My father Ferdinand Denduyver was born in 1949 and from the moment he could walk he has been running with Cyriel to look after the pigeons. In 1978 my father Ferdinand started playing independently with pigeons in the village of Bekegem, after which we moved to Ichtegem in 1991, he first placed a pigeon loft placed there and then the renovations in the house started. I Karel Denduyver born in 1984 was bitten by the pigeon microbe when I was about 12 years old. Since 2006 we have started racing with pigeons under the name: DENDUYVER Ferdinand and Karel.

Major racing results :

14 provincial wins
1st provincial champion West Flanders youngsters in 1998
1st Olympiad pigeon KBDB sport class Fond Porto in 2005
1st national Limoges 2-yearlings against 5607 pigeons in 2010
2nd One Loft Race FCI Khon Khen Thailand in 2014
1st One Loft Race FCI Talent Quatro Czech Republic in 2016 (Fly-4-us)
1st One Loft Race FCI Khon Khen Thailand in 2016 (Fly-4-us)
4th national champion KBDB long distance + extreme long distance yearlings in 2017
1st Zonal zone A1 Gueret yearlings in 2018
1st national champion KBDB long distance + extreme long distance yearlings in 2019
1st provincial ace pigeon KBDB West Flanders longer middle distance yearlings 2019

 Championship Local 2020

1st. Club Champion Great Middle Distance Yearlings 2020(Beerst)
2nd Club Champion Fond Young birds 2020 (Beerst)
3rd Club Champion Great Middle Distance Old 2020 (Beerst)

Few results in 2020 

  • Fontenay 319km     old       :1,6,12,17,21,22,29,32,37,38,43,56,71,73,….     (31/39)
  • Fontenay 319km     Yl.        :1,11,17,18,20,28,31,45,46,…                           (16/22)
  • Blois 401km     old       :6,15,16,28,41,56,58,90,104,…                         (17/24)
  • Blois 401km    Yl.        :3,7,34,38,44,57,60,…                                       (12/14)
  • Bourges 446km     Yl.        :2,7,27,32,38,44,47,48,52,…                             (12/20)
  • Chateauroux 484km    old       :6,14,27,46,78,91,…                                         (7/10)
  • Chateauroux 484km    Yl.        :7,8,19,21,24,36,42,90,…                                  (12/18)
  • Argenton 520km    Yl.        :7,8,12,79,137                                                 (5/6)
  • Issoudun 466km     Yl.        :2,28,31,36,38,39,45,56,62                               (9/11)
  • Limoges 630km    old       :10,11,22,31,…                                                 (6/8)
  • Limoges 630km     Yl.        :1,10,21,23,24,33                                             (6/8)
  • La Souterraine 551km     old       :9,19,33                                                           (3/3)
  • La Souterraine 551km     Yl.        :12,14,15,16,17,20,52                                      (8/8)
  • Gueret 555km     Yl.        :6,13,29,39,41,50,55,58,68                               (9/10)
  • Souillac 698km    old       :7,22                                                               (2/4)
  • Bourges 446km       old       :1,7,18                                                             (3/6)
  • Bourges 446km    Yl.        :6,10,12,18,26,…                                              (6/8)

We give the most Elixier De Reiger, sometimes 5 days in a row before the start of the season, during the season about 2 days before basketing. Even when the pigeons are moulting, we occasionally give Elixier De Reiger. Energol on the food for the youngsters is a good product. Since this winter we have got to know Amifortis in combination with Energol, pigeons are in considerably better condition during the moulting period. 

Origines of your pigeons (bloodlines):
Cyriel Denduyver, Deschacht-Denduyver, Marc en Geert Pollin, M. & F. Van De Walle, Gino Depestel, Vandepoele E. &V., Houben J.-L.&N., Georges Lidou, Vergaerde-Denolf, Morent G.&R., Geert Stoop, Vanwildemeersch-Vyncke, Decoster Ronny & Stijn, Dekeyser W.-J.&H., familie Schreel, Erik Denys en Hendrik Mortier.

How big is your loft?
– Ferdinand and Karel owns 27 breeders. Every year a few youngsters are added to the breeding loft, specially bred from the best breeding and racing pigeons … from 2018, 2019 there are about 10 new breeding pigeons in the breeding loft. -For the year 2021 there are 38 widowers (14 old + 24 yearlings), and 18 racing hens (6 old + 12 yearlings) -We ringed about 150 youngsters this year.

Some tip and trics for the polish fanciers with DE REIGER or with pigeons : 
Firstly a good loft, secondly pigeons that can fly top (breeding a lot and a strict selection) and the most important thing is health and condition of the pigeon and this you can become with DE REIGER products.

11de nationaal kampioen fond en zware fond jaarse
asduif fond jaarse vliegersclub kortemark
3 de kampioen fond jaarse vliegersclub kortemark
fontenay  526d : 19-24-25-31-44-49-58-… (19/22)
bourges  688d: 50-109 2/2
agen 158d: 24-42 (2/2)
jarnac 275d: 9-91 (2/2) 

1ste nat zone tulle
asduif fond oude vliegersclub kortemark
asduif fond onder ons Izegem
argenton 182d: 9-18-23-27-46 5/6
limoges 423d: 4-7-9-21 4/6
libourne 174d: 11 1/1
tulle 389d: 1-26-29-35-53 5/6
bourges 683d: 9-13-39-95-108-138-142-175-200 9/12

34e nat sint vincent
chateauroux 245d: 15-23-29-64-71 5/5
argenton 366d: 12-34-37-40-57-64-65-66-87-96-117 11/22
bourges  456d: 9-28 2/4