Why choose De Reiger


De Reiger contains natural elements that promote and support the immune system.

De Reiger contains no chemicals additifs, this advantage makes it easy to combine De Reiger products with each other without any problems.

Give your pigeons some rest from time to time

Draw up a clear feeding schedule and respect recovery times, periods of building up to a race.


De Reiger are effecient products that contains all the necessary vitamins needed to stock and get the main elements absorbed and stored by the pigeon’s body.

Dose correct and in moderation “Less is more” – money saving – value for money

Stick to a fixed schedule or feeding plan



De Reiger offers supplements that your pigeon cannot make and cannot find in its daily diet.

“Keep it simple”: avoid product cocktails.

De Reiger offers an added value for the health of your pigeons, which can be measured in their performance and natural resistance.

Keep it simple and work with a schedule for recuperation, rest and build-up to a flight or during any time of the year.

Top conditie

Ongeacht de periode van het jaar heeft De Reiger een programma op maat van iedere liefhebber en hou zo uw duiven in top conditie.

Kweek periode – Jonge duiven – Snelheidsvluchten – Halve Fond vluchten – Fond vluchten – Rui periode

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