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Delepine Pau 2024 story


  • 2° international Barcelona ’23
  • 2° Nat Pau ’24 3.568p
  • 3° Nat Pau ’24 3.568p
  • 22° Int Pau hens ’23

Racing results

24 June 2024 – The biggest performance at Pau International 2024 was by Lyvan Delepine. He placed 3 hens out of 8 pigeons basketed on the same evening and Lyvan won 1st & 2nd National of france in the hens at Pau 770km and won 5th and 22nd place International out of 13,130 pigeons.
After a week in the basket and a sunny flight with strong headwinds, there were few excuses for the first international flight of the season. The best pigeons went in front.
The international winner went to the Netherlands. Despite very tough flying conditions, the national winner in Belgium went to Guido & Tom Derijck with a hen 50% offspring Patrick Delrue Vanbruaene.

Daily training of the the pigeons is +/- 45 to 55 minutes around the loft for the cocks.
Four consecutive days before basketing, the hens are released individually at 30km. In preparation for the international flights, a 500-km race is done 15 days before basketing and a small 180-km race is mandatory the weekend before basketing.

Lyvan feeds his pigeons with grains from Vanrobaeys (mixing 4 types 25% of each: Bordeaux mix, energy, Gino Clique mix and revolution Marathon).
2 days before basketing the pigeons still receive Amifortis and Elixier from Reiger. The pigeons are fed 2 times a day, and the total widowhood is applied.
For the recovery and during all the year, Lyvan trusts in the products of Reiger for many years already, Thank you Lyvan for the confidence and congratulations.


What products of De Reiger are used ?