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About Laurent Colsoulle

Laurent Colsoulle from Baiseux has been playing with De Reiger since 2017. This year, the beginning of the season 2022 was quite hard at the beginning, but once the temperatures became warmer and the competitions a little harder, Laurent Colsoulle users of De Reiger with L’Elixier and Amifortis and Fortipur won the 20th Nat Valence of 6. 061 pigeons when “Mr Armando” alias Joël Verschoot, won the 1st National on Valence, not a few weeks later, Laurent hit again very hard by doing a monster series of 21°-36°-83° 86°-93° National of more than 3387 pigeons on Montelimar 2022. A real achievement of a small colony, and this in the head on a very hard National. Laurent, thank you for the confidence in De reiger


Results for Laurent Colsoulle

  1. Nat. Zone Tulle 1913 p.
  2. Nat. Zone Guéret 1478 p.
  3. Nat. Zone Bourges 7898 p.
  4. Nat. Tulle 7447 p.
  5. Nat. Bourges 6756 p.
  6. Nat. Bourges 20589 p.
  7. Nat. Bourges 19889 p.
  8. Nat. zone Châteauroux 4158 p.
  9. Nat. Limoges Y 16893 p.
  10. Nat. Châteauroux 9540 p.
  11. Nat. Bourges 10393 p.
  12. Nat. Argenton 13629 p.
  13. Nat. Bourges 20759 p.
  14. Nat. Argenton 22463 p.
  15. Nat. La Souterraine 9136 p.
  16. Nat. La Souterraine 9580 p.

66.nat. Argenton 15235 p.

  1. Nat. Bourges 13334 p.
  2. AS PIPA RANKING JARNAC 17 -18 JARNAC coef 0,9733
  3. AS EPR Henegouwen – Waals-Brabant 2020
  4. DEMI FOND Henegouwen – Waals-Brabant EPR 2020
  5. AS LCB Jeugd Sprint 2015

10.AS LCB Fond 2019

The crack of the colony in 2020 is a pigeon coming directly from the Gevaert-Van Schoorisse colony and ringed BE16-4143864. This is the star of the Colsoulle colony in 2020. His father is BE12-4286976, a son of Raketje BE11-4207277 (1. National Argenton 7046 P.)

Her dam is BE10-4047329 Saltotje, a daughter of the super-travelling and breeding Sultan 187, bred to a Salto daughter.


  1. Toury 1659 p. ’20
  2. Toury 1412 p. ’20
  3. Toury 1561 p. ’20
  4. Ecouen 1236 p. ’19
  5. Pont 1972 p. ’19
  6. Orléans 591 p. ’19
  7. Bridge 1528 p. ’18
  8. Bridge 472 p. ’18
  9. Ecouen 655 p. ’18

The little story of Lauren Colsoulle

Laurent took over the colony from his father in 2008. Laurent is a perfectionist. He quickly realised that due to the geographical location of his loft, it was best to focus on middle distance competitions in the first instance with the aim of increasing the distance in the years to come. Laurent started with little financial possibilities, but despite this he will decide to go to the great champions. He will simply choose quality over quantity. And it works directly with in 2009, a distinction in the national championship beginner RFCB.

Laurent has always favoured quality. He will therefore go to very good players to build up an efficient breeding loft: Caro Jean-Marc and Alain de Lambermont, Saeytijd de Brakel, Janssen-Hausoul d’Epen (P-B), Cees Suijkerbuijk d’Eefde (P-B), Joost De Smeyter via Robert Duquenne and Yvan Eeckhout, Claes Père et Fils de Taintignies. He insists on the necessity of obtaining trustworthy pigeons.

But the actual base of the colony comes from the colony of Gevaert-Van Schoorisse. A beautiful friendship was born between Laurent and Mr Gevaert Van Schoorisse and the champions decided to take the young man under their wing. They offer him many pigeons and over the years this blood is found in most of the good travellers of Baisieux. The selection is severe. To keep their place in Laurent’s pigeon lofts, the pigeons must have achieved a maximum of 10 prizes with a minimum of 50% of prizes. Once again, it is clear that quality is favoured over quantity. The colony consists of 40 widowers and 65 youngsters. Finally, it is essential, according to him, to set realistic objectives and to adapt according to them…

We will certainly talk about Laurent again in 2021… Good luck