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About Eric Vitel

Eric Vitel is keeping pigeons since 1981. Shortly after he started pigeon racing, he specialised in long distance competitions. Barcelona was his dream at the beginning. “Barcelona is the race that attracts me the most . It is a special feeling to see a Barcelona pigeon come home”. In my early years I always listened to older pigeon fanciers talking about this mythical race. At that time, Barcelona was the reference for us young pigeon fanciers.


In 2016 Eric Vitel won the Cup of Flanders from the Cureghem Centre. Since then he has continued to be one of the best Barcelona players from France. Here is a small overview of the last 10 Barcelona’s for Eric: 11/20 in 2009, 11/19 in 2010, 10/25 in 2011, 16/25 in 2012, 18/27 in 2013, 8/26 in 2014, 22 /27 in 2015, 8/14 in 2016, 13/32 in 2017 and 21/31 in 2018. The 10 Barcelona flights before 2019, Eric played a total of 246 pigeons and made 138 prizes which amounts to an average of 56.10%. Last year his first pigeon became 5th National and now a year later 1st and 7th National: 3 times TOP 10 National in 2 years on average from +/- 3000 pigeons! Eric will probably win 28 out of 38 prizes (73.68%) and has 9 of his first 10 on the prize list. It will probably not be enough to beat Van Ouwerkerk Dekkers and win the Cup of Flanders a second time, but he will have one of the best european global coefficients in this ranking.

How do you prepare your pigeons for an international race?

Everything depends on the weather. Usually I start with 3 races till 300 km, then I continue with a race from 400-450 km and at the end I add a race from 500-600 km. This means that my pigeons have 1500-1600 km in the wing before the big race. I play my birds twice a year and everything is played in the nest. For the preparation of the international flight Barcelona in 2019 on which I won with LUCIE the 1° National Barcelona winner, I gave my pigeons Herbisan and Pural+, and afterwards Elixier de Reiger with Energol with Basis Mix over the food. After some weeks of intensive supplementary feeding and training, I won the 1° price Barcelona with Lucie. Now it is a dream come true! Really, a great dream has come true!


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Eric Vitel- De Reiger - reference

His main bloodlines are:

In the beginning he had one basic breeder from Wim MULLER ” coupled to a hen called “La petite Barcelone” from ORY Father & Son. This couple are the parents of his basic breeder “Wim”, who was not only a fantastic racer but also a top breeder on Eric’s loft but also on other lofts. 1.Int Perpignan 2003 of Eric Vanacker comes from a son out of a direct brother of “Wim”. On the loft of champion Gerard VAN TUYL a real ace pigeon came out of the line of “Wim” of Eric Vitel. To complete his basic line based on the “Wim” line, Eric introduced pigeons from Roger SENICOURT, Wim MULLER, Leo PRONK, Gerard VAN TUYL, Jos PEPPING, Gebr.HAGENS and Gebr.BRAS.

How big is tour colony or pigeonloft?

Eric owns a 19-m pigeonloft. A small pigeon aviary of 3 x 4 metres for the youngsters. Behind it is a pigeon loft of 3 x 3 m for the pigeon food and equipment which also has access to the other pigeon compartments. There are several aviaries, a compartment for breeding pigeons, a second compartment for some breeding pigeons and a compartment for hens or youngsters. Eric Vitel has 15 breeding couples and raises about 150 young pigeons annually. There is a maximum of 20 racers per compartment or loft.