Aurélien Rollet, The last Pigeonfancier of Saint-Aubert
His grandfather and great-grandfather were pigeon fanciers, so it was almost normal for Aurélien Rollet to take up the family torch even though his father had abandoned it. So, since 2001, Aurélien has rediscovered the gestures of his ancestors in his passion for pigeons.
For a few more months,” Aurélien confides, “my 200 pigeons are squatting on my father’s property, but I am in the process of setting up a pigeonloft in Rieux and my pigeons will come and join me there. A move is possible when the pigeonloft (he has four at present) is rebuilt”, he adds.
Aurelien tells of his interest in pigeon racing, which takes up a lot of his time. Fortunately, his job at the Awoingt dairy manufactory allows him time to take care of his pigeons with the help of his father Didier.

What products of De Reiger are used ?

Aurelien Rollet takes care to improve the quality of his racingpigeons by selecting the best of the 100 youngsters born each year. He is also in contact with Belgian pigeon fanciers, specialists, and has purchased two eggs from the renowned Demaret-Maréchal breeding farm. This pigeon, named Greg, has given him a lot of satisfaction lately as he won the first federal competition of the Nord-Pas-de-Calais region in Argenton-sur-Creuse (out of 7234 pigeons) after a race of 425 km and having achieved good performances in Auxerre (110e/854) and Sourdun (18e/453). Aurélien uses quality products from Reiger for the care and performances. On homecoming they always have Herbisan and Pural to facilitate recovery and support good intestinal flora.
Now the only pigeon fancier in Saint-Aubert is Aurelien Rollet and he deplores the slow disappearance of local pigeon farms which have not found any successors. He now baskets his pigeons in the pigeonclub of “La Protectrice” in Naves.
At each competition Aurélien and his father impatiently watch for the return of their protégés, the electronic pigeon clock ready to record the finishes. When passion takes hold of you…
Good continuation Aurélien with the pigeons and thank you for the confidence in DE REIGER