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The natural pigeon products such as Basis Mix, Fortipur, Purisan, Vit S Mix, Energol, Pural+, Herbisan, Amifortis and Elixier De Reiger are available at your local pharmacist in Belgium or your specialised pet store. Ask for it !


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Amifortis De Reiger | Pigeon products
AMIFORTIS – 300gr / 600gr
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Basis-Mix De Reiger | Pigeon products
12 x 500ml Hand desinfection spray (500ml)
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Pura Mano – Hand Desinfection (500ml)
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4 x 5L Hand desinfection Pura Mano

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Pura Mano – hand desinfection (5L)
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Why choose De Reiger?

Only very healthy pigeons deliver top performances, and it is precisely on this basis of natural health and natural resistance that De Reiger works:

The De Reiger pigeon products consist exclusively of herbs and natural ingredients, which cannot been obtained from the normal Pigeon food.

  • The products of De Reiger are manufactured by specialized and strong pharmaceutical labs who constantly check and improve the formula to the newest feeding technologies. Efficient and price worth
  • De Reiger is a limited clear range of pigeon products that do not work against each other You don’t need to add any other supplements or extra vitamins to the products.
  • You can use the products at the same time without side effects. This makes our range not only fair, but also results in the best performance.
  • You will receive your products 4 working days after your (online) order in belgium with B-post.
  • The natural pigeon products de Reiger such as Basis Mix, Fortipur, Purisan, Vit S Mix, Energol, Amifortis, Pural+, Herbisan and Elixier are available in your belgian pharmacist or in a specialised pet store in your area. Ask for it !

With the ingredients and working method, De Reiger offers you a sustainable and user-friendly racing and health program. These quality products provides your pigeons a strengthened natural resistance and healthy body all over the year. Moreover, our products are fair and efficient: they do not work against each other and are even perfect to combine All this means that our products are more than price worth. The result will be that your pigeons will perform all year round on top levelduring the racing season and being in topcondition during the breeding season

De Reiger,worthy of your trust.

De Reiger Pigeon Products

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