What makes De Reiger pigeon products so unique?

Only very healthy pigeons deliver top performances, and it is precisely on this base of natural health and natural resistance that the De Reiger Pigeonproducts works:

  • All pigeon products consist exclusively fromherbs and natural ingredients which cannot all be obtained from the normal feed they receive.
  • The products are manufactured by specialized pharmaceutical Belgian labs who constantly check and improve the formula. Efficient and affordable.
  • It is a limited clear range of pigeon products that do not work against each other. You don’t even need to add any other supplements or vitamins.
  • You can use the products simultaneously without side effects. That makes our range not only fair, but also results in the best performance.
  • You will receive your product ten days after your (online)order delivered at home.

With these ingredients and working method, De Reiger offers you durable and user-friendly quality products that provide your pigeons with a strengthened for a long time natural resistance and health. In addition, our products are honest and efficient: they do not contradict each other and are even perfectly combinable. All this makes our products more than worth their price. With good performances all year round as a result, both in pigeon races and in breeding. The De Reiger, worth your trust.

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