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Energol is a natural pigeon product that is responsible for building up vitality and energy reserves for your pigeons during strong efforts. Use this product to raise the resistance of your pigeons to a higher level.

More vitality for your pigeons thanks to Energol

A strong vitality of pigeons is very important during the flight season and during the breeding season. Pigeons do not always have a strong vitality.

By “real good pigeon”, vitality is often inate. They have already inherited the right qualities from their parents. But this is not the case with all pigeons. Lucky, there are solutions for this. Due to Energol De Reiger we can increase the vitality and energy reserves of your pigeons. By this way you can improve the performance of your pigeons.

Energol “The best” oil in pigeon sport

Energol is a blend of 12 essential and natural oils and contains the following ingredients: rafinated vegetable oils of : sunflower, linseed, wheat germ and rapeseed oil, cod liver oil, hemp oil and crude lecithins, eucalyptus, lavender, peppermint, clove oregano and garlic oil in tincture forms. Thanks to its specific composition, the product contains unsaturated fats, lecithin, linoleic acids, omega 3-6-9 and vitamins and pro-vitamins A, D3 and E Energol contributes to a higher vitality, the required energy reserve for strong efforts and a better pairing-up time.

Benefits of using Energol

  • Provides shiny feathers
  • Provides good fat reserves before and after the flight
  • Provides increased better pairing-up / loving
  • Provides improved vitality


During the flying season

10 ml per kg on the feed, 1-5 days before basketting

Moulting and breeding period

10 ml per kg food, 2 times per week


€ 30,00 for 0,5 liter and 42,50 for 1 liter.

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