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Elixier is a natural based pigeon product that is ideally used to improve the condition and shape of your pigeons.

Pigeon sport at the highest level thanks to Elixier

Pigeon racing is a very competitive sport. As a pigeon fancier your abition is that your pigeons are the best. That’s why you want to give them only the right and best products.

Pigeon product Elixier

Elixier De Reiger has been the product for improving the condition and shape of pigeons for more than 75 years. With this product you ensure that your pigeons have the optimal nutritional values, so that you can get the best out of your pigeons.
Elixier De Reiger is enriched with iron and iodine, minerals, amino acids, vitamins, plant extracts who increases the natural defense system of your pigeons..

Advantages – Your pigeons will have a:

  • Increased willing for flying
  • better condition and shape
  • improved immune system
  • improved performance
  • better growing up

Give Elixier to your pigeons so that they will perform better!


    During the racing season

    15ml per 1,5 liter of water or 15ml / 1.5kg on the food 2-3 times a week

    Breeding and Moulting season

    15ml per 3 liter of water or 15ml / 3kg on the food 2 times a week

    During Wintertime

    15ml per 3 liter of water or 15ml / 3kg on the food 3 times a week

    For more strength and resistance

    7,5 ml per 1 liter water or 7,5 ml / 1 kg food 5 to 7 days


    €23,50 for 0,5 liter and€33,00for 1L
    Do you want your pigeons to be in excellent shape and condition?
    Then you are at the right place with De Reiger.
    You can buy the pigeon product ‘Elixier’ from us. Thanks to Elixier, your pigeons are always in top shape and will perform optimally.
    At De Reiger you can order health supplements and special food for your pigeons.
    Turn your pigeons into real winners!
    Buy Elixier online now via our webshop or via our authorized partners and shops.

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