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Bij De Reiger staan we garant voor duurzame en kwalitatieve producten, die op professionele basis geproduceerd worden. Graag lichten we voor u dan ook even de troeven per product op, om u te begeleiden in uw keuze.

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Elixier De Reiger

Elixier De Reiger is our top product from the range is a liquid substance, that provides your pigeons a beneficial effect all year round. It is an excellent idea to give your pigeons a cure of five to seven days before the start of the racing season to have them in an even better shape.

The advantages of Elixier De Reiger are simply “great”. The product not only improves the condition, but also lowers the risk of cardiovascular diseases in your pigeons. In addition, the natural defense system is stimulated and your pigeon gets beautiful white nose caps, pink flesh, flexible joints and shiny soft feathers. All signs that points to excellent health and upcoming top performances.

The secret of this product? We use the exact amount of potassium iodide, a building block for the thyroid gland that has an essential function for growth and to support the nervous system and metabolism. In addition, we combine it with nettle extract and differents extracts of plants, which stimulates the condition. Milk thistle extract ensures a good function of the liver. Natural ingredients making optimal racing results.

Elixier De Reiger | pigeon products

Vit S Mix

Vit S Mix is a speed mixture powder to improve the speed of your pigeon, just like the performance on the short and middle distance. Without distroying the pigeons “fat reserves” or “muscles burning”, your pigeons will achieve higher speeds. In addition, the product not only ensures better results on flights up to 450 kilometers, the recovery afterwards will also run more smoothly.

The product is composed by feeding experts and consists of highly selected mixtures of fast sugars, vitamins, carbohydrates, electrolytes, amino acids and whey proteins. It ensures a better build-up of muscle mass and excellent metabolism. Moreover, the product can easily be combined with other products from the De Reiger range.

Vit S Mix De Reiger | Pigeon products

Basis Mix

The Basis Mix is ​​extremely suitable as a protein preparation to be active every week, without overload or exhaustion your pigeons. The whey proteins counteract the breakdown of muscle mass and maintain muscle and energy reserves. The product in powder form has therefore been specially developed to be used for preparation on the middle and long distance races.

Basis mix is ​​an ideal product for flights of more than 4 hours, but also to be added to the pigeons and young birds in the breeding season. The vitamins used in the Basis Mix are beneficial for develloping the bones, which is very important for the pigeons during the breeding and growing up. The use of vitamin D3 is beneficial for the absorption of calcium and phosphorus.

Basis-Mix De Reiger | Pigeon products


Better recovery, strengthen the immune system and an optimized digestion and super guts.. These are the main assets of Pural+, a product that is made in a dry powder form. The use of Pural+ displaces pathogenic bacteria.

The appetite of your pigeons is strengthened, and the additional plant extracts used in Pural+ are also important to support the airways and blood circulation. In this way, your pigeon not only enjoys a faster recovery after a flight, but receive also a reovery support after a cure of antibiotics, that support the guts of your pigeons. In addition, Pural+ as à pré-pro bactérial product has much less added sugars than other comparable products in the market.

Pural+ De Reiger | Pigeon products


Purisan is a high-quality apple cider vinegar, provided with several essential elements to lower the acidity in the stomach and promote the oxygen transport to the brain of the pigeons and farm animals .

This product is good for recovery and performance periods and to support the general health of your pigeons, and reduces the risk of muscle cramps. Fungi and bacteria in the drinkers are then killed by the ideal acidity and Ph level of the water.

Purisan De Reiger | Pigeon products


The basic componants of Purisan are the same as Herbisan, but to the Herbisan essential plants extracts are added. However, the composition of this product especifically focuses on a faster recovery and a higher willing to train and fligh higher. The vitality is increased by highly selected apple cider vinegar that is used in the product.

The added minerals and the added herbs have have a beneficial effect on the respiratory tract and on the intestinal flora. Just like Purisan, Herbisan also ensures less muscle cramps.

Herbisan De Reiger | Pigeon products


Energol is an oil to increase energy reserves for heavy and long flights. The product contains unsaturated fatty acids that are not found in ordinary pigeon feed. Due to the clever Oil and acids combination, your pigeon will enjoy energy for longer.

A total of twelve natural oils and extracts are used in Energol. This combination not only ensures higher energy reserves, but also vitality and even mating drive. The essential oils are beneficial for free airways.

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